Welcome To Med Miami Business Academy

Our mission is to create a learning environment where new entrepreneurs can thrive and have ongoing support and guidance throughout the business process. Feel free to browse through our online and in-person programs. 

Online Programs

Let us help build your empire from the ground up! This program provides an online interactive system that allows you to start your business in just a few weeks. 

Accelerated Program

  • 1 zoom session per week for four weeks (1 hour in group setting)
  • Foundations Mastermind Session (group setting)
  • Email Support
  • List of resources
  • Scheduled 15-minute call with training coordinator once a week for four weeks


Cost: $25

Book today! Click the link below to see which topic fits best your business needs.

Pre-recorded Sessions

Don’t have time during the day to book an appointment? No worries we got you covered! Purchase which ever pre-recorded session you like and rewatch it as many times.

Topics include:

  • First Quater of the Year
  • Home Health, Adult Living Facility, and Independent
  • What is in your Employee’s Folder
  • What is in your Client’s Folder?
  • What is in your Policy and Procedures (Independent)
  • Three Market Strategies to Increase your Revenue
  • And so much more to come!

Cost: $50

Master Mind Training

The Med Miami Master Mind program is a unique program that allows a small group of brilliant business owners to collaborate and work with the Med Miami CEO to identify business pitfalls, and improve their current business strategies while sharing ideas. offered monthly.

Cost: $350

Staff Development Program

Your staff is the face of your business; therefore, it is imperative that your team is properly trained and understands the dynamics of your company. Med Miami’s home care training will teach your staff clinical skills and strategies specific to recovery after cosmetic procedures, conflict resolution and customer service skills.

Cost: $250 Per Person

Policies & Procedure

Let us help you with the fine print! Call the office to get more information about the following:
  • Client Service Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Client Discharge Agreement
  • Medication Organization Log.

Cost: Starts at $500

Business Internship

Cost: $1,450

The internship program provides the opportunity to learn and observe Med Miami Systems and Processes as well as gain an understanding of best practices associated with assisting clients that are recovering from elective procedures. Students will be provided with a step-by-step system on the Med Miami Method , which has been approved by top surgeons in the industry. The Med Miami internship program consists of the following : 
  • Three days of hands-on training
  • Day 1: Theory and instruction in a classroom setting. Day 1 of the internship program will provide you with details on how to implement,  integrate systems and processes in your business. You will learn best practices associated with pain management as well as common medications, management of vital signs,  and legal requirements for reporting medical information to appropriate health care provider(s).  Day 1 will also provide the opportunity to learn the theory associated with proper positioning,  garment care, and application of foams.
  • Day 2-3: will allow for hands-on practice and observation of clients after cosmetic surgery.  Day 2-3 will also provide the opportunity to learn about the system and processes associated with the surgical facility.  Be prepared to work closely with clients recovering from surgery day 2-3.

Post-Op Cosmetic Business Training

Cost: $1,550

Training Details:
  • Foundations of Post-Op Assistance Specific to Cosmetic and elective procedures
  • Business foundations of opening a Recovery Home
  • Development of three different types of private care business models
  • Methods to increasing revenue in your private care business
  • Incorporating private care / cosmetic recovery into your spa business
  • Legal components of opening a non-medical private concierge business
  • Strategies of opening private assistance, concierge non-medical business
  • Maximizing the Airbnb model for your private assistance business
  • Infection control guidelines
  • Business Course completion Project
  • Offered Monthly
A certificate of course completion will be provided to students that complete the full course.

Free 15-minute consultation call with Med Miami Post - Op Training Coordinator

(This is not a consultation call with Med Miami CEO)

consultation call with Med Miami CEO

Book a one-hour consultation call with Med Miami CEO to discuss an area of your business that you want to improve or develop.

Cost – $125

Terms Of Service

All sales are final, there are no refunds for courses.   Services may not be transferred to other courses or to other individuals. 

Deposit will reserve your space in class, failure to pay your deposit will result in your registration for class and invoice being canceled. All course balances are due five days prior to the course start date.
Med Miami Business Academy has no affiliation with the Florida Department of Education or any other accrediting educational body.  Course completion or certificates do not satisfy CEUs, nor are courses transferable to colleges or universities. 
Completion of courses should not replace a consultation with a business attorney.  Med Miami instructors, and or affiliates are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.   Each state has different laws as it pertains to conducting business, it is your responsibility to check your state business laws.  

Due to Covid-19 restrictions space may be limited in some classes. In the event, a course/class is canceled as a result of the instructor or any other Med Miami affiliates contracting Covid/ or displaying Covid -19 symptoms all payments/ tuition will be applied to a future date.  Med Miami will not be responsible for cost incurred due to flight or hotel changes.   Our goal is to provide all our clients/ students with a safe and memorable training experience.