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Meet Our CEO

Natasha has a master’s degree in clinical education, with over 15 years of experience in women’s health. She is better known for her Social Media alias Med_Miami.

With fast-growing popularity due to her excellent reputation for assisting women after cosmetic surgery, traveling throughout South Florida and Atlanta educating entrepreneurs on how to start their private care concierge business, teaching post-op techniques, and providing staff development for private care business she is known as the Queen of Post -Op Business Training.

Mrs. Turner has been nominated twice as the clinical educator in her school district and was recently nominated by the NCL as the top 15 educators in the United States. She is committed to delivering the highest level of training to health care providers to ensure they deliver quality, safe, assistance to patients recovering from cosmetic and or other types of procedures. Her passion for helping women understand their body from a physical, mental, holistic, and emotional standpoint has helped women from all over the world recover safely from cosmetic surgery.

Mrs. Turner is dedicated to bringing an outstanding, first-class level of education and post-op assistance throughout the United States. Her mission statement for her students and clients is live, love, be happy, and dream BIG!